Naia 愛と光のママ育て

Happy mothers change the world better!

Let go of what you have been stuck with



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When you find that your wish never realised even though;


-You prayed to your guardian spirits for it hard enough

-You changed yourself better to make the things better



Just stop thinking and try to ask yourself;  


-What have I been stuck with?

-What should I forgive?

-What should I let go? 



Gradually you will find yourself in a sudden rush of negative emotions while you are asking to yourself.


Just try to experience every single emotion as it come over you without judging it. 


Just try to show your compassion to yourself that;  



-You must have been suffering so long..

-You must have been on your own alone..

-You must have been frozen..

-You must have hurt.. 




Anyone is to blame for it.



Just try to speak to yourself gently that; 



You have been doing quite well to cope with your life so far..

I am so sorry that I have not recognised you doing it for long..

You will be alright 

Because I am with you now



Your word "You will be alright" would never bring you the same things in your life, which eventually change your life better.





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