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Where Naia Kawana is from

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


This is my very first page I post.


I would like to show you where Naia Kawana is from in this page.



【The U.K.  The Lake District】



I stayed at  Nab Cottage by Rydal Water to brush up my English from June through September in 2004.





As I mentioned in "Profile",

I ended up leaving a Japanese airline company due to damege of nerve system because of overwork, which put me in bed for one and a half year.


It made me quite anxious that I would never be able to work again so that I decided to go to the U.K. to change my life, where I had a good time in my early 20's.


Honetly, this is where I have met angles for the first time in my life. 




We enjoyed "Angel Cards" as an English activity in the afternoon.


We hold our hands together laying on the floor in a circle and had a deep breath to get into ourselves deepr with the eyes closed.



When we got ready, we opened the eyes and took a card which catched our eye strongly.


There was an spiritual word on the card, which brought us to deeper thought about ourselves.


We received message from angels in this way, which made me believe in angels in this life.



Additionally, we enjoyed Yoga excercise in English and mountain walks guided by English teachers. 



I enjoyed the very first encounter with sprituality in this way in a developed country of spirituality.  



Actually, the U.K. has given me another breakthrough...

I have got myself back again!




With brilliant friends from all over the world...




The U.K. taught me the most important thing to live my life as I am.


That is that doing what I am excited in makes my life truly.






【Peru Cusco】



A Peruvian family kindly invited and had me stay in their place in Cusco in December 2010 for a Christmas time.



They own some parts of land there so that kindly brought me to a small village where no foreigners have visited there before. 



A milk man with an Inca hairless dog ↓



Repairing sun-dried bricks ↓



Inca grocery ↓



As you see, there are familier vegitables in the shop.

Actually, many of the vegitables that we find in a supermarket originally come from the Andes.



Peruvian tricycles in a town ↓



If you have been to Thai or Philippine, the Peruvian tricycles would surely reminds you of your days there.


I thought that people living on the same latitude would have the same way of life on the other side of the world as well.


Some people think that the Incas and the Japanese have the same origin ages ago in the long world history

Actually, the famous song "El Condor Pasa" makes many of us feel nostalgic even though it was the first time to hear it. 


My staying at a small Inca village was like a time travel into the distant past in my life. 



Young men at a Sunday market ↓



I heard that colourful ornaments on the hat tell us that they are looking for a romantic relationship.


Accordingly, I found that Sunday market is not only a place for economic activities but also a place for a encounter with a new relationship.




An old woman selling flowers on the railway ↓



The express to Cusco stops on the way quite often for some reason.


It is a good chance for the Incas to sell some flowers and food through the windows on the express.  


Cusco bread is really good so that why don't you try some?






【Japan  The Izu Peninsula】



Finally I found our special place to live in here in the Izu Peninsula after I lived many places in and out of Japan.




The Izu Peninsula is, needless to say, a treasure house of beautiful nature. 



I am sure that these photos would surely heal you in some way.



The more my weary life in Tokyo over 20 years was getting healed in the nature, the more I was inspired strongly in a spiritualy way.





 I could not resist to express it in a way.



My thought would not go whenever I go to such as the sea, the moutains and the rivers.


When I stuck with work, family and parenting,


I found myself completely healed and eased after staying there in silence for a while. 



It is strange that anything was not changed better but I felt eased actually. 

However, it is true. 



The Izu Peninsula is such a wonderful place where we can receive support from invisible guardian spirits, which eventually let us get back to ourselves truly. 










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