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Your other half may be other person


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When you suffer from your feeling that your partner does not know you..


When you are stuck with such feeling and already had it enough..



This thought will probably be breakthrough;




 Your other half may be other person



The right person who brings you a happy and protective life may probably be in some other place far from you at the moment.  


Precisely, your partner in front of you may probably be with you to have you learn a lot from your life. 


If you took this way of thinking, it would be quite natural that your partner sometimes upsets you or even may not be protective to you at all. 


However it is quite natural since everything about your partner will be for your learning from your life.


Wouldn't it make sense?


Wouldn't it convince you? 



Wouldn't it make you feel grateful to your partner for being with you in some way? 




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