Naia 愛と光のママ育て

Happy mothers change the world better!

For smiles of all the mothers and their children

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I always wish that


all the children stay with their mother with happy laughter at any moment...




What is the most important for that is that


mothers are happy and content in their life..





【6 things to be happy in our own life】


 What were our children made for?

f:id:naia-fortunes-izu:20180620115712p:plain Children are supposed to choose their mothers before birth.






 What were we made for?

f:id:naia-fortunes-izu:20180621153329p:plain Clarifying your life purpose would surely enlighten your life.






Those who guard us above

f:id:naia-fortunes-izu:20180620105416p:plain Every single person is procteced by the invisible guardians.






Who created the reality was you 

 f:id:naia-fortunes-izu:20180621143253p:plain  You can change your future creating the reality as you wish.






Let your attachments go and surrender in your life

 f:id:naia-fortunes-izu:20180620135534p:plain   Take the very first step to get back to yourself truly.






Happy parenting of new generations

 f:id:naia-fortunes-izu:20180621145011p:plain  Message from new generations who'll create the new era.






【Lightworkers in Japan who have been trying to create the new era】


Lightworkers are those who were made for healing and enlightening the earth and people on the planet.



They are called and gathered with Ms.Venetia in Kyoto who was originally from a privileged family in the U.K., having got back to themselves as they are successfully and have started their own lightwork holding their hands together.