Naia 愛と光のママ育て

Happy mothers change the world better!

Happy parenting of new generations



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As I mentioned in "What were we made for?", we were born to achieve our mission in our lives which we failed to do so in the last lives, which is called "karma".


However, most of new born babies in this time have no karma actually, which means they were born filled with love and lights competely as well as angels are.


It is because that they were born to help their mothers with making them happy, as I mentioned in "What were our children made for?".


As you see, a new way of happy parenting is not looking after babies because they are completely helpless. 

It is a new way of happy parenting learning from our babies and children about it who accepted our whole lives and love us as we are.


We do not need any books about parenting skills any longer. 

We can ask our babies and children what they wish us to do for them and they will surely give us the answer. 



If you felt stuck with them after you 



changed a nappy for them,


fed them enough,


had them sleep enough,


cuddled them in the arm for a couple of hours,


gave them a piggyback for long,


turned the air conditioner on for them,


listened to them again and again,



just hug them tightly in silence. 

Just try to be one letting both of yourselves being flowed in a stream of time.




You would surely find yourselves tied with each other, which goes beyond description. 

You would surely find your babies and children content with themselves. 


You shall find that happy parenting was easier than you used to think. 


 Happy parenting is exchanging love and affection between our children and us.




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