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Happy mothers change the world better!

All about Naia Kawana


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Thank you for visiting my blog.


I am a mother of a daughter who moved into one of the most beautiful peninsula in Japan "Izu peninsula" after having worked for some big companies in Tokyo over 20 years.


My mother strictly wished to make me a successul woman in a big business industry in Tokyo.

However all the efforts I made for it eventually ended up with;


- Having stayed in bed for one and a half year due to overwork in my late 20's

- Having failed to obtain work permit due to London bomings 2005 despite of winning a permanent job in London in my early 30's

- Having had my job contract terminated suddenly in my middle 30's in Tokyo



Now I have been enjoying being a happy mother pareting my beloved daughter surrounded by beautiful nature and kind people here in Izu peninsula after those stormy life.


I found that it is not easy for us to be a honest mother and a good mother at the same time fulfilling all the expects and achieving responsibilities as a mother.



If you wish to say that you did not want this way of life, take a deep breath, and why don't you have a look at where we were from and where we are supposed to go? 


I would be happy if you realised that everyone can lead their life as they wished to reading through my blog.


In order to do make it happen, please make yourself happy before trying to make someone else happy. It surely would bring your family bigger happiness than ever. 



I believe that happy mothers would change the world better.



If you are a man, it would be apprecated if this blog would be helpful for you to understand your partner or wife better. 


Once again, thank you for visiting my blog. 




                                                                                                  with best wishes,


                                                                                                       Naia Kawana