Naia 愛と光のママ育て

Happy mothers change the world better!

Who created the reality was you



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Have you ever thought of who creates the reality in your life?


It is ourselves.

Accurately, it is our cognition.



How we recognise the things and ourselves in this world creates the reality ahead.



If you  recognise yourself negatively that


You need more money..

You should be loved and cared more..

You did not want this way...

You cannot change it on your own any longer...


These negative cognition will create another negative reality in near future. 



On the contrary, if you recognise yourself positively that


You are blessed with somthing in your life so that you are alright.

(It does not matter if it was plenty enough or not.)


That positive cognition will create another positive reality in near future.



Whay does it happen?

Because  we are made of wave of energy which vibrates invisibly in the air.

We are not a kind of collection of small objects.


Each of us emits different wave of energy, which creates different existense individually.

Tha realily ahead will be created in this way. 


This has been studied by famous physicists in the world at the moment. 




Now do you know what you can do to create the reality as you wished? 

It is counting your blessings ahead.


Being grateful for your life makes your wave of energy stronger and more positive, which enables you to create the reality easier as you wish. 


However, it would be sometimes difficult to be grateful for our lives in the middle of this long journey. 


As I mentioned in "Those who guards us above", you can pray to your guardian spirits for their support to enable you to keep your chin up such as Angels and Ascended Masters. 


You will find yourself to feel easier even though the things did not turn out better yet otherwise recieve inspiration or ideas to solve the problem in front of you.


This will not change your life immediately. 

Because the reality ahead was created by your wave of energy a while ago.

You need to keep your life with positive wave of energy for a while to change your life better acutally. 



Sooner or later, you will find yourself controlling your wave of energy to be positive successfully, which bring you plenty of support from your guardian spirits


At the same time, you shall find yourself to have realised what you wished for.  




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